About Us

Swiss Group Inc. is a branding, manufacturing, marketing and distribution company focusing on the watch industry. For two decades, we have been developing, marketing and distributing some of the top brands in the luxury watch industry. Our team includes industrial designers, web designers, programmers, copy writers, creative strategists, marketers, project managers and logistic experts.


Our branding strategies focus on the unique needs of luxury watch brands and markets. We think out of the box to create new demands for innovative products, and to satisfy existing market needs.

Design & Production

We are designing and producing some of the highest quality timepieces, using state-of-the-art processes and techniques, our highest priority being quality and craftsmanship.


Our marketing incorporates traditional and nontraditional media. We utilize our own marketing channels, in addition to external avenues.


Our distribution strategies are comprehensive, involving both business-to-business and business-to-consumer strategies. We utilize a range of distribution methods, including exclusive online distribution channels.